Friday, February 10, 2006


Pugsly and Josephine welcome you to the blog all about them. They would like to write it themselves, since I'm sure they have tons to say, but as Josephine does all her talking by licking, and Pugsly mainly grunts in a puggy sort of way, I'll have to do the actual typing.

A good place to start would seem to be the beginning, i.e. puppyhood, but alas! there are no digital pictures of that time. The digital age for this family started Christmas 2003, when the dogs were an all-grown-up 3 1/2 years old. (That was also the Christmas when Pugsly's Uncle Nathan sent him a holiday sweater that makes him look like a over-stuffed bratwurst, but that's a picture for another day). So instead, I'll start with various Things You Need to Know to fully appreciate PB and Jo:

1. We don't love Pugsly more than Josephine; he's just an extremely photogenic and camera-loving pug. Pugsly stays put and naturally strikes a pose whenever the camera appears, whereas the dachshund is in constant motion, leaving behind a trail of useless Josephine-exiting-the-scene snapshots. Countless Josephine-being-beautiful moments go uncaptured on film because the instant I come within licking distance, she jumps up and starts licking.
2. Pugsly is fat, but he has an excuse. He has calcium oxalate bladder stones, which require him to be on a low-protein, high-fat diet. This has turned him from pleasantly square & cobby, in Nov. 2004, to his current status of A Large Hunk of Pug. Pugsly and I are working with a new doctor and a revised diet to try to regain his thinner form. Until then, he asks that you keep all "That's a fat pug!" comments to a minimum.
3. Josephine is a jealous dog, who likes to be the center of attention, and is currently very annoyed that Pugsly has two Things You Need to Know and she is only secondary in one. Also there should always be at least three items in a list. So the third Thing is: Josephine is very pretty, and she knows it. Her theme song is "I Feel Pretty" from West Side Story. She prances a lot.

Please check back often for new and exciting (Oh! Pugsly loves that word!) updates about the lives and loves of Pugsly and Josephine.


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