Thursday, February 23, 2006

Pugsly Loves Words

Pugsly is quite the vocabularian. (As such, he knows that's not a real word, but he likes it.) He has taught himself to recognize a large variety of food-related words, and reacts wildly whenever he hears one. His dad and I have learned to use substitutions for his favorites: dairy for milk (as in milkbone), morning meal for breakfast, supper for dinner, grain for rice (we can't spell it out; r-i-c-e sounds too much like "rice"). There are many others, and he teaches himself new ones all the time, so I have to be careful. Nothing makes me feel more like an ogre than pointlessly exciting the pug by careless food references.

Here is Pugsly, most probably contemplating his next word of the day.

Even though most of Pugsly's world revolves around the pursuit of food, his vocabulary doesn't stop there. He also likes to watch animals on TV, especially dogs. He's figured out that when I say "Ohhhhhhh!" in a high-pitched voice, that means there's probably an adorable creature on the screen. Also, "So sweet!", "How cute!", and "It's a baby!" make the pug stop whatever he's doing (if sleeping is "doing") and whirl around to face the television. If he's in a barky mood, he'll start right away, but mostly he just growls preemptively until he figures out if there's any reason to make a fuss. The most hilarious part is that the TV doesn't even need to be on. Whether I'm fawning over the fuzzy lovelies on Cute Overload, or telling Pugsly himself that he's a handsome baby, he still turns around to stare at the dark TV screen. Even when Pugsly is in a new place and doesn't know where the TV is, he still reacts the same way. When we were on vacation in a little beach cottage a couple years ago, the TV was small and perched on the top of a high cabinet; I must admit I made a few unnecessary "Ohhhhhhh!"s just to see the pug look wildly around the room, trying to find the television.

I had better not try to describe all Pugsly's amusing word knowledge, or this will go on forever. One last note: any sentence that begins with "Time to . . ." is fair game to be considered Exciting. Pugsly loves the word "Exciting." Its, well, exciting!


At 5:44 PM, Blogger Rainy Eyes said...

Oh, my! What a cute photo!! I think Pugsly himself could qualify for Cute Overload. :-) I'm enjoying reading your blog and look forward to the continued adventures of PB and Jo.

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