Saturday, February 11, 2006

Josephine Loves Babies

This is brave baby Yuuki and his even braver dad, Kazuki, who let Josephine test her babysitting skills last summer. Josephine likes all things small and cute, so it was no surprise that she adored Yuuki on sight. All that soft, sweet baby skin conveniently exposed for easy licking -- what's not to love? Yuuki had never been licked before, but took it with a grace and aplomb beyond his years (or months, more appropriately), making only several post-lick grimaces. Note the look of consternation:

Kazuki kept up admirably with cleaning Yuuki's hands and feet between the dog licking and baby toe-and-finger sucking, but it was unavoidable that Yuuki ingested a healthy amount of dachshund saliva. I prefer to think of it as a boost to a baby's developing immune system.

Just before Christmas, a newly-crawling Yuuki visited again, and Josephine was much excited by his mobility. A baby who can move means chasing and frolicking! This time Yuuki decided he loved Josephine, too, but minus the wet tongue. To a dachshund afflicted by a compulsive licking disorder, this was unbearable, and resulted in much more grimacing and baby equivalents of "Ewwww!" Finally, both parties reached a compromise when I held Josephine firmly, rear end towards Yuuki, while he happily petted her bum. Noting Yuuki's preference for a dry dog experience, we gave Yuuki a wooden pull-along dachshund for Christmas. Here's hoping he names it Josephine and thinks of her fondly.


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